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Travel information for ICG-Ocean 2017

Qingdao, which is a city of picturesque red-tiled roofs nestled between green hills and blue sea, is located at southeast part of Shandong peninsula. It is characterized by a unique blend of sea and mountains and a pleasant climate and yummy food.

Night at Qingdao (photo from internet)

Qingdao has a total coastline (including its islands) of 870 kilometers, 730 kilometers of which are continental coastline, accounting for one fourth of the total length in Shandong Province.

Coastlie of Qingdao (photo from internet)

In Chinese, Qingdao means “Green island”, this name comes from Qingdao`s typical temperate monsoon climate. Under the direct influence of the southeastern monsoon and the sea currents and tides, Qingdao shows its unique climate characteristics: humid air, mild temperature and clear-cut seasons.

Qingdao is a tourist city, which is known for Laoshan Mountain, Olympics Sailing Center, Golden Beach and so on.
Laoshan Mountain is located at the east of Qingdao, it is the first peak in the China coastline. Therefore, Laoshan Mountain has another beautiful name: “The most famous mountain by the sea”.

Laoshan mountain of Qingdao (photo from internet)

In cooperation with the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, Qingdao held the Sailing Competition in Olympics Sailing Center. Regard it as a chance, Qingdao also built an international water sports center with first-class sailing facilities in Asia.

Olympics Sailing Center of Qingdao (photo from internet)

Golden Beach is named as the golden and exquisite sands, the total length and width of Golden Beach is 3500 meters and 300 meters respectively. It is one of the largest beaches in China. When it comes to summer, Golden Beach attracts a large number of tourists to enjoy their holidays.

Golden Beach of Qingdao (photo from internet)