June 6, 2017, midnight

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June 12, 2017, midnight

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May 26, 2017, 3:43 a.m.


It is our great pleasure to invite you to the upcoming ocean symposium of International Conference on Genomics (ICG-Ocean) from 7th and 8th September, 2017 in Qingdao, China. The symposium is organized and supported by BGI, as one special event of the annual international conference of ICG (International Conference on Genomics), which has been successfully held for 11 years. ICG-Ocean seeks to contribute to accelerating marine genomic researches by introducing the current progress, technical development and international collaborations. Marine genomics will continue to grow in significance for both the academic and industrial realms, especially for ocean environmental and biological conservation as well as exploration and application of marine biological resources. Qingdao, the coastal city in northern China, with unique marine resources and strong background of marine researches, would welcome marine scientists all over the world to join ICG-Ocean for a better future of marine genomic researches. We anticipate ~200 attendees at ICG-Ocean this year. Tentative schedule of ICG-Ocean includes five plenary keynote speeches on proceedings of different directions in marine genomics, and six workshops covering marine vertebrate genomics, marine invertebrate genomics, algae genomics, marine microorganism genomics and new technologies & bioinformatics tools for marine researches. We look forward to an extraordinary meeting with you in Qingdao. Best regards, The ICG-Ocean organizing committee & ICG-Ocean Chair, Prof. Huanming (Henry) Yang

Aug. 17, 2017, 2:44 a.m.

Shuttle Bus on 6th and 7th Sep

尊敬的各位参会嘉宾: 随着ICG-Ocean会议的日益临近,现向大家介绍下会务车辆安排情况。请提前到达,注意接引指示牌,以免错过车辆。 1. 中国海洋大学(鱼山校区):两辆大巴进行接送。 9月7日、8日早上7:20在鱼山校区三角地。 9月7日、8日晚上18:40,intercity酒店门口附近。 2. 中科院海洋所:一辆大巴进行接送 9月7日、8日早上7:20在海洋所北门门口。 9月7日、8日晚上18:40,intercity酒店门口附近。 3. 黄海所:一辆大巴进行接送 9月7日、8日早上7:20在黄海所1号楼楼下花坛旁边。 9月7日、8日晚上18:40,intercity酒店门口附近。 4. 机场大巴接驳车: 流亭机场有705路机场大巴从机场出发至黄岛区政府。9月6日在“新街口站”会有一辆中巴对接机场巴士行程,进行接驳,请注意查看车辆标识并遵守工作人员指示。 705路公交车发车时间: 从8:30AM至21:30PM,每小时一班。加车:8:00、10:00、12:00、14:00、16:00、18:00、22:00、23:00。经停站及周边:新街口站,保税区,滨海学院,中国石油大学,黄岛区政府。 其它地点不再设置接送车辆,请自行前往。 关于外地参会嘉宾,我们会在以下三个地点安排工作人员,请到指定地点寻找工作人员。 青岛火车站:西出站口右手边红宇宾馆门口 青岛火车北站:西广场出口处 青岛流亭机场:国内到达出口 更多会议信息详见官网:www.icg-ocean.org 如有疑问可联系ICG-Ocean公邮:ICG-Ocean@genomics.cn 或 电话联系0532-83162138;15045850741